• DO pre-shave! Soften those bristles. Use lukewarm water or a pre-shave soap to prep your beard for a smoother shave.

  • DO shave that stubble slowly! Shaving with slow short strokes that overlap an 1.5” eliminates the need to shave over an area more than once.

  • DO let the razor do the work. Heavier single blade razors like Merkur Heavy Duty Classic take the pressure off your hands and let’s the weight do the talking. Less skin scrapping and more of an efficient shave.

  • DO keep your blades sharp! Dull blades will only irritate and nick your skin. Change your razor blades regularly. Replace your clipper or t-edger blades every 3-4 months.

  • DO use a single edge, disposable razor with our recommended Acne Wash, Mandelic Wash, or Sensitive Skin Cleansing Gel. Or use a sanitized non rotary electric shaver, T-edger or clippers.

  • DO use a post-shave moisturizer to promote hydration and reduce irritation. Our Hydrating Emulsion and Cranberry Creams are perfect for post-shave!

  • DO use non-comedogenic products for shaving!

  • DO blot your face dry with a soft towel. If a scrub was recommended for your skin care routine, let the scrubbing granules do the work. No extra muscle needed!

As we have discussed, acne is an inherited disorder of the pores. It starts at puberty when the oil glands start maturing. For a teenager, this is in the T-zone.  A normal pore sheds about 1 layer of dead skin cells a day. But,someone with this disorder can shed up to 5 layers a day. All those dead skin cells combined with oil form a plug in the pore. This is how all acne starts.


Boys will tend to get acne earlier than girls, but will usually grow out of it more quickly. Girls tend to get it a few years later, but they won’t grow out of it until later as well. When hormonal changes get thrown into the mix, you may see a sudden increase in breakouts. An increase in the androgen hormone make the skin’s oil glands larger, in turn they start producing more sebum. Sebum is an oily substance that your skin naturally produces to help lubricate your hair and skin. When more of it is pumped into an already clogged pore, it can cause irritation and inflammation. Lo and behold, a pimple is born!  Boys tend to have more inflamed acne (pimples, pustules and cysts) and these can cause scarring if not treated quickly and consistently.


These hormonal changes can make getting clear a bit more challenging. But with consistent exfoliation and use of benzoyl peroxide used correctly, breakouts can be reduced and managed.


Things to remember when dealing with teenage acne:

  • Do your skincare routine every day! Just as you would use hand sanitizer to prevent getting sick from germs, you would use your skincare routine to prevent future breakouts. Not only will this clear your current breakouts, it will prevent new ones from forming.

  • Don’t pick, squeeze, or scratch! We know it’s tempting, but you must resist! Messing with your face can spread bacteria, causing more breakouts, leaving behind scars and dark marks, or causing reoccurring pimples because of damage done to the follicle. Leave them alone and ice instead! You can do this to reduce inflammation: rub ice in a circular motion on each blemish for 2 minutes at a time. It really helps!

  • Keep it clean! If you play sports or take part in other activities that make you sweat, wash your face as soon as you’re done. Bacteria love to feed on the moisture—make sure they don’t have anything to stick around for.

  • Brush up on your Acne Knowledge! Check out the Acne Information Center on our website for tips on what else you can do to fight the breakouts.


We don’t believe in the “one size fits all” program that many other acne management systems use. Allow your Acne Specialist to create a customized homecare routine and treatments for your teenage skin and acne. Together, we’ll not only get you clear, but keep you clear.


Teenage Boys and Acne


As if the pressures of high school weren’t enough, you have to deal with pimples too?!


There are several things that can happen with hormonal changes in your teens. A sudden growth spurt, voice changes, hair on your face, underarms, and legs.  And in some cases, acne!  Hormones are not the cause of acne, but they do make it worse.





  • DON’T shave upward, against the grain, or over the same area multiple times to try and get a closer shave.

  • DON’T use a rotary shaver. Cutting hairs in all directions can cause ingrown hairs.

  • DON’T try to rub or scrub your shaving blues away! It will just add to irritation and/or redness.

  • DON’T use multiple blade razors. “Close shaving” razors that cut the hair beneath the surface of your skin can cause ingrown hairs!

  • DON’T use disposable blades more than twice. Soak them in alcohol for 2-3 minutes before a shave.

  • DON’T forget to clean your razors, clippers, and/or T-edger blades and all accessories before and after shaving. Sanitizing cleaners are available at all beauty supply stores. Keep an eye out during your visits to the barbershop and make sure they’re holding up their end of the sanitary bargain.

  • DON’T share your shaving implements with anyone!

  • DON’T tweeze ingrown hairs! They will come back with a vengeance! They get trapped under the skin and will become ingrown again and again.

Shaving Tips to Save Your Skin!

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