Hyperpigmentation: sun spots, dark spots, melasma


Hyperpigmentation are dark, splotchy areas of the skin. It has different names (sun spots, liver spots, age spots, solar mottling, melasma), but the most important reason for all kinds of hyperpigmentation is the result of accumulative sun exposure. During unprotected sun exposure, melanin wanted to protect your skin from damaging UVA rays and special cells (melanocytes) were overproducing melanin in certain areas. All these dark spots are most frequently on the face and hands.

Very ofthen hyperpigmentation always have a genetic connecion. Other reasons for hyperpigmentation is the exposure to heat in the hot weather, acne, hormonal fluctuation, birth-control pills and some medical drugs. 

There are certain products and ingredients to choose while treating discolorations. Sunscreens, hydroquinone and chemical peels are the most effective ones. But nothing is as important as sunscreen. Among other ingredients which help to lighten the pigmentation are retinoid or retinol, azelaic, kojic acid, arbutin and Vitamin C.

If the discolorations are deep and more evident, the more penetrating procedures such as laser resurfacing should be a consideration.

In any case, it is very important to keep in mind that you should maintain sunprotection to keep dark spots from coming back.

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