Post Care Instruction after Chemical Peel


Peeling usually starts in 2 days after the procedure and lasts for 2-5 days. The amount of peeling depends on the peel and skin damage.  After a gentle peel you could not have the dryness or peeling, which doesn’t mean the peel didn’t work.

Moisturizer and/or toner should be applied at least twice a day, but can be applied more frequently for when you are “peeling”. Use it whether you feel dry or itchy. Do not let your skin dry out. This should reduce tightness and make you more comfortable and it is beneficial for you new skin coming up. Do not worry if all of the moisturizer doesn’t come off when you wash, it won’t harm your face to leave some on. Mild and moderate itching is normal at this time. Makeup may be used the following day after the peel. We can recommend which type of make-up is best to use.


  • Do not expose to excessive heat (hot shower or hair dryer directed to the face, jacuzzi, sauna) and strenuous exercises. Why? Too much water, sweat or heat will cause you to peel prematurely and leave you with red sore areas.

  • Do not go out in the sun at all while peeling without SPF – even 5 minutes.

  • Try to sleep on your back to avoid rubbing the skin off your chin or cheek areas prematurely.

  • If after a stronger peel large pieces of skin are hanging from your face, they may be cut off carefully with a pair of blunt, clean scissors.


  • DO NOT PICK YOUR SKIN!  DO NOT RUB YOUR SKIN! Why? It can lead to inflammation which, in its turn, to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation, that will be very sever.


Why moisturize? Imagine your old skin (which will peel off) as a bandage, which protects the fresh new skin underneath. The longer you can keep this natural bandage in place, the better the results your peel will give.


Why SPF?

*SPF is very important for your skin and your health. Use it even if you are wearing a hat or driving a car. Make it a general rule for your skin care routine! Even on a cloudy day the sun’s rays are ever-present and ever attacking the skin.

Sunscreen are always important, always, but it becomes even more essential to protect the fresh skin cells you are revealing if you undergo anti-aging or anti-acne procedures.

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